Surviving San Diego Freeways in Your Mercedes Benz

San Diego has 2.5 million residents and sometimes it seems that they are all on the freeway at the same time. Drivers here tend to be polite on the side streets, but on the freeway it’s a different story. There’s a lot of speeding and aggression, and occasionally outright craziness. All of this makes you want a car that’s maneuverable in tight situations and dependable to the extreme. On San Diego freeways, you don’t want a sluggish engine, unbalanced tires, or worn brakes because you can’t predict when you might suddenly find yourself in a tricky situation.

That’s where Barron’s comes in. Your Mercedes is a beautiful machine. It will perform for you in fast traffic conditions with routine good care, and our certified mechanics deliver that kind of care every day.

Tip #1: Keep Up Your Mercedes Benz Maintenance

The proper routine maintenance to ensure best performance is spelled out in your Mercedes owner’s manual, and Baron’s mechanics know the detailed requirements of each scheduled “service point”. For the Mercedes Benz 2009 models, the service points are:

  • At 2,000 miles: required service (fluid changes for the front and/or rear axle).
  • At 10,000 miles or one year:
  • Every 10,000 miles or one year - Up to 150,000 miles or 15 years
  • Every 20,000 miles or two years - Beginning at 160,000 miles or 16 years

The routine maintenance service specified by Mercedes Benz includes required checks on certain functions and fluid-levels plus recommended checks giving deeper information about how the various systems are working. At Barron’s, we’re not only familiar with all these checks and also can resolve any problem that might be uncovered during your routine maintenance. Our service is “customer-centric” :our owner is always willing to talk to you, we provide free shuttle service, and we never do repairs until you we’ve given you the price and you have approved.

Tip #2: Use Defensive Driving

While Baron’s can make sure your Mercedes performs at its best for San Diego traffic, Defensive Driving can make sure you perform at your best. Some proven techniques that can keep you and your family safe are:

  • Be aware of traffic holes – you may not be the only person wanting to slip into them.
  • Don’t trust the other driver to do the right thing; statistics prove they often don’t.
  • Learn the proper strategies to handle tailgaters. Your goal is to get them in front of you instead of behind you. The best way isn’t to pump your brakes or slam on your brakes suddenly. Slow down just a little and allow them to pass. If that doesn’t happen, the safest thing is to change lanes or pull off to the side. Now they’re following somebody else, instead of you.
  • It’s not difficult to enjoy the best San Diego has to offer (water, sun, benevolent temperatures) ………while protecting yourself from the worst (ugly freeway behavior!). We’ll help you keep your Mercedes on the safe side – call Barron’s or email us today.